Beam was not chosen randomly

Published on 07:48, 07/23,2019

This laser beam is intended to help keep the robot moving in the even that it should encounter an alien. Lasers Plus is well known for its work creating lasers for laser liposuction surgery." The laser beam also has other practical purposes for being on the robot. A reporter went straight to the source to see if NASA would confirm it. The entire world sits captivated to see what the robotic machine known as Curiosity will show, but for one group of people they sit Pneumatic Strapping Tools Suppliers waiting to see if a different event happens; one that involves extra-terrestrial creatures. "We told them we could add a small laser on the robot that would help in the event the robot came into contact with hostile aliens. This allows the Curiosity robot to be able to roam across Mars without fear of blocked lanes or areas. The laser can be used to destroy any obstacles that may come in its path. Lasers Plus was chosen for its extensive work in the medical profession. A small group of individuals in the state of Utah were recruited to help put a very special laser beam on the robot. "We have worked closely with Lasers Plus to create some parts for the Curiosity robot. We believe that in an effort to protect the integrity of the Mars exploration mission it is best we don't release the extent of our relationship with Lasers Plus.) September 14, 2012 - The tiny little robotic machine that landed on Mars has taken the world by storm. "I mean how would you feel if a huge boulder stood in the way between us discovering if there was life on another planet? Now this robot can just BOOM blast it away and see if there are people there. NASA conducted a nationwide search for a company that would be able to create the laser that would do what it wanted. "NASA came to us expressing a concern that if this robot were to encounter any type of creature that it wouldn't be able to withstand the punishment the creature would do to it", said John Smith who works closely with the company that created the laser beam. When asked if the Curiosity robot had such a laser on it, NASA made this statement. Not everyone believes that this laser exists. However, we decline to comment on what those parts were at this moment." The company that created this laser beam was not chosen randomly." "We think that NASA will be really pleased with the laser" said Smith.